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Welcome to the Machine

“In what may be an interesting analysis for many readers, Kreuzer then considers Robert Lepage’s widely disseminated Ring Cycle at the Metropolitan Opera, arguing that the ‘most authentic aspect of Lepage’s production is the overall failure of its illusionist agenda’ due to technical glitches (p. 231).” [College Music Symposium]

Welcome to the Machine

Robert Lepage promises a more “urban” take on the work, “though not in the ‘Joseph Urban’ sense of the word.” [New York Times]

Noises on


Between the conception and the creation between the emotion and the response

So finally we can see what the Robert Lepage Ring would have looked like if only the Machine hadn’t been totally fucked. Read more »

Zurück vom “Ring!”

Peter Gelb says the Ring will definitely not return, as originally planned, in 2017, and where has La Cieca heard that before?

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Plank your lucky stars

The next scheduled appearance of the Met’s Ring production has been canceled, as irrevocably as these things can ever be.

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Avec la participation exceptionnelle de La Machine

La Cieca is always delighted when Met stars “cross over” into more popular genres of entertainment.

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A series of ones and zeroes

“I’m analytical, not wild,” Ms. Garanca told an interviewer in 2009.

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