Yes, we know, earthquakes, radiation, diva cancellations and all that. But it does still seem a bit strange to La Cieca that the “new” Met, where Peter Gelb so vocally trumpets the vital importance of new productions, should send the shabby 30-year-old John Dexter production of Don Carlo (above) on tour to Japan the very season a shiny new Nicholas Hytner version (after the jump) premiered in New York.

On the other hand, presumably the Met has prepared lighter touring versions of the sets for Lucia di Lammermoor. Upon the company’s return to New York these new pieces could be traded out for the massive and ungainly structures that have forced intermissions to run 45 minutes or longer for the bel canto work, so that’s a plus.

Photos: Koichi Miura/Met Opera (Dexter); Ken Howard / Metropolitan Opera (Hytner).