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Gas mark four

How is it possible that no one has ever done a production of Hänsel und Gretel (or, as I suppose it would be called, Johnny and Peggy) with the Witch played as Fanny CradockRead more »

E qui la luna l’abbiamo vicina

“Puccini’s operas seldom take well to abstraction, since the composer engraved every detail of what should happen into the score so specifically that there was little wiggle room left.” Discuss.   Read more »

Phone rings, door chimes, in comes Sängerkrieg!

“Heinrich, come on over for dinner! / We’ll be so glad to see you! / Heinrich, come on over for dinner! / Just be the three of us, / Only the three of us! / We love you!”  Read more »

Someday I’ll step on their freckles

Congratulations to dramatic coloratura soprano Klára Kolonits.

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Stage beauty

>What does a great opera production do, and what does a bad production fail to do?

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Heaven must be missing 14 angels

The Hänsel und Gretel discussions over the holidays plunged me down a YouTube rabbit hole.

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Tanks a lot, but no tanks

The production by Sebastian Baumgarten is the type of regietheater that’s not a rethinking or reconstruction, but just a hot mess.

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Dead nacred

La Cieca (not pictured) surrenders, cher public: she can no longer bear the burden of opposing ignorant, hysterical pearl-clutching on the internet. The clutchers have won.

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