Don’t worry, La Cieca isn’t going to let politics rear its ugly head (or, since we’re talking about La Cieca here, let’s say “its pretty head”); rather, the “social” we’re talking about here is as in “social media.” Just a housekeeping tip or two for you after the jump.

Note below this (and all other posts) there are a couple of buttons for sharing the posting via social media. The thumbs-up “Like” button to the left will alert those in your Facebook news feed of your interest, and the little birdie “Tweet” button sends a link to the parterre posting to your Twitter timeline.

La Cieca’s not asking you just to click on the buttons willy-nilly, you understand, but when you do see a posting that particularly interests you, and you think would interest your Facebookies or Twitterbugs or whatever they’re called, she does urge you to take advantage of these social media tools. It is, after all, you, the cher public, who are La Cieca’s very best advocates!