judge_jonasLa Cieca’s delight at the success of her colleague The Omniscient Mussel is equaled only by her bitter envy for the success of her colleague The Omniscient Mussel. TOM, you see, has built upon the success of last year’s #operaplot competition by signing up a slew of new opera houses to offer prize packages for this year’s #Operaplot 2010. Serving as adjudicator of the winning entries is none other than His Jummyness Jonas Kaufmann!

The winners selected by the Chief Adjudicating Hunkentenor will choose from operagoing packages including the lavish spread laid on by Opera Theatre Company from Dublin: a pair of tickets to The Marriage of Figaro, three nights’ accommodation and up to 1000€ to cover flights.

Further details on the competition (which begins Monday , April 26) may be found on The Omniscient Mussel.