oh_snapOrdinarily La Cieca bestows the Wildean accolade upon a local cher pube. This time, though, she cannot resist praising one of the commentariat at Unpop!, Daniel Stephen Johnson‘s new project over at the New Haven Advocate.

The background is a discussion of a piece by (you guessed it) Anthony Tommasini, discussing “Boomer” composers. This one commenter reflects that

… this Tommasini article, and other things he’s written in this general vein, cannot be understood completely without reference to his hero, mentor, and sometime-object-of-study, Virgil Thomson. Both Thomson’s outlook and values a musician, and his beliefs about the proper role and responsibilities of the newspaper critic are mirrored in this piece. Seriously, A Composer on the Aisle is totally the Rosetta Stone for understanding Tommasini’s think pieces.

And then Another Greg says:

Except that the real Rosetta Stone was useful in unlocking something interesting and valuable.

On the evidence of the above quip, La Cieca (a Boomer herself) feels that it is not at all too soon to pass the baton to the next generation.