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And we have a Mot du Jour!

Couldn’t you just eat him up?

Just when you thought it was impossible to adore Yannick Nézet-Séguin any more than you already did (such a shayne punim!), Le Maestro Mignon comes up with this! [Twitter]

“You will, Cieca, you will!”

le_mot_du_jour_full“The L.A. Phil’s new season is up, too, and the big news there is (for me anyway) the premiere of a new sacred oratorio by John Adams, entitled The Gospel According to the Other Mary. Maybe he gave it that title to distinguish it from a forthcoming work by Mark Adamo.

“What? No, I meant because Mark Adamo’s writing The Gospel of Mary Magdalene for the San Francisco Opera! Why, what ‘mary’ did YOU think I was referring to?” [Daniel Stephen Johnson]

“…purely coincidental and not intended”

“Zinta Lundborg is a writer for Bloomberg News. The opinions expressed are her own.” [Bloomberg]

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Less is mot

“If [Francesca] Zambello were a composer, she would surely be Meyerbeer.” [MusicWeb International]

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Le Mot du Jour, extramural edition

Ordinarily La Cieca bestows the Wildean accolade upon a local cher pube. This time, though, she cannot resist praising one of the commentariat at Unpop!, Daniel Stephen Johnson‘s new project over at the New Haven Advocate.

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Will was the first cher pube to firmly commit to Don Pasquale, and as such he will be counted the winner of our most recent Regie quiz. Special thanks to eckermann, who earned “Le Mot du Jour” for his meticulously detailed (if totally off-base) analysis. 

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“Though fine from a distance, the ladies’ costumes (also designed by Howell) had an air of Lisa Kudrow’s character on Friends circa 1994, which means they’ll probably be au courant in a few years.”  [Time Out New York]

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