Electric Elaine Eliane Coelho chews the scenery, leaves blood on the stage, and if there are any pregnant women in the audience, probably turns their fetuses gay right on the spot, all in just one scene from the gloriously gory melodrama from Carlos Gomes, Maria Tudor.

Since YouTube embedding is acting a little odd this morning, La Cieca will link directly to the video’s


According to the synopsis of the plot of Maria Tudor, at this moment Queen Maria has just discovered that her lover Fabio Fabiani has been disguising himself as a simple student in order to seduce a local village maiden.  Maria the woman seeks no punishment of her unfaithful lover, but Maria the Queen cannot tolerate such blatant plagiarism of the plot of Rigoletto.

La Coelho’s complete performance in this archetypal “I hate dat qveen” role may be found in the 2005 Archives for Unnatural Acts of Opera.