Music fans of all orientations, gay, straight and bi (oops, the Times says you don’t exist, my mistake), well, anyway, music fans around the world finally have news worth talking about. No, we’re not talking about Alberto Vilar, but you’re getting warm. Which is to say, it’s good news.

Sir Elton John and George Michael have kissed and made up. The feud is over! (La Cieca will pause a moment so you can collect yourself.) There, deep breath. La Cieca’s sisters-under-the-skin The 3 AM Girls report that Elton has been phoning (and, surely, emailing and texting and bluetoothing) for weeks, but George has been refusing to pick up or click or whatever. But the duelling divos finally met for a meal prepared by Gordon Ramsay, the Brit chef who yells abuse at everyone on that reality show. Elton has even granted George permission to anthologize their duet “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me,” whose lyrics have furnished innumerable moments of delightful double-entendre these many years.

A witness to the rapprochement reported, “… George and Elton spent much of the time creased up laughing as they reminded each other of hilarious stories from their past.” La Cieca is not sure what “creased up” means, and she’s not sure she wants to know.