Cher Public

Gentlemen prefer blinds

Which superstar performer, despite recent success in this hemisphere, has thus far hesitated to sign a contract for more performances next season?

Things unseen

Sources in whose reliability La Cieca has an almost holy faith suggest turning one’s perfect vision westwards.


Which superstar performer whose recent career has been as calm as a dove is about to send ticket sales crashing by making perhaps the most fateful cancellation of his life?

It’s the new zoophilia revue

Which opera house’s notoriously conservative backers would be shocked to hear the company is currently holding auditions for performers to perform simulated acts of bestiality?

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Ha vuote le occhiaie – ma pure (e chi il crede?!)

Today, the New York Times offers the strongest suggestion yet that Cecilia Bartoli will bring her Norma to New York sooner rather than later.

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Light the lights

Which operatic heartthrob—who’s loved everywhere on earth, in fact—plans to make a surprise return to the Met to sing in next weekend’s 50th anniversary gala?

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When I have sung my songs to you I’ll sing no more

Which octogenarian fixture of the operatic world is preparing to make a farewell of sorts, perhaps as soon as late summer of this year?

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Chakra can

Which diva has blamed her chronic tardiness at rehearsals on a bad case of misaligned throat chakra?

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