The Met’s so-called “Millo Pole” will no doubt tonight be swarming with cognoscenti, or as we like to call them around here, opera queens. Aprile Millo sings her only staged Tosca of the Met’s season, and that’s reason enough to shlep over to Lincoln Center. (Millo had a big personal success in Ballo last month, and she’s scheduled to do the Roman diva in the parks beginning June 14. Sadly, there were not that many occasions that could draw me into the Met (or any other opera house) under my own power this season. Lately, La Cieca’s attitude has been sort of “is that all there is?” Oh, well, maybe hearing Millo, followed by some compare-and-contrast, will give me a clearer idea why nothing these days seems to have the old sacro fuoco. (Well, besides this, anyway!) See you at the Pole!