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Down in the depths on the ninetieth floor

Teatro Grattacielo is New York’s homegrown organization to rescue Verismo operas from oblivion, one per annum, allowing for the occasional double bill. This year, instead of another resurrection, we had an apparent epiphany: A celebration of the company’s 20 years on the march with excerpts from some of their most successful escapades and a tasting menu of possible upcoming projects.   Read more »

She is a diamond

“La Cieca cannot imagine it is much fun to sing ‘Dove sono’ when you’re suffering a fresh case of the Reno jumpy-wumps.”

In the December 1998 issue of parterre box, your doyenne muses on Renée Fleming and Aprile Millo; Our Own JJ reviews a recording of the Callas master classes; Enzo Bordello, Dawn Fatale and Nakamura Akira chime in from three continents; Roy Wood gushes over Kathleen Battle; and Dr. Repertoire dissects Cinderella and Company. [Download Issue #34]

Richard is better

The Tucker Foundation will be the subject of a special event on Wednesday, June 27 at 7 pm, when WQXR’s Naomi Lewin (not pictured) will host an exclusive concert of arias and duets performed by sopranos Ailyn Pérez and Angela Meade and tenor Stephen Costello in The Jerome L. Greene Performance Space at WQXR.

As if that’s not exciting enough, the evening  “will include an intimate conversation with soprano Aprile Millo, winner of the 1985 Richard Tucker Award,” and what’s more, you, member of the cher public, might be there too!  Read more »

Charismatic movement

Friend of the Box Zachary Woolfe follows up his provocative NYT article on charisma with an invitation to discuss this elusive quality with his cher public, a group of which La Cieca is sure you parterriani represent a significant subset. Let yourselves be heard!

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Happy Birthday Aprile Millo

The iconic American soprano was born April 14, 1958.

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A Verdi decision

“I must say choosing from among these finalists is almost impossible, as there are bits and pieces from each one I like and admire the thought process and the experience each one highlights for us. For me they are all intelligent and quite wonderful— skewed perhaps by their times and what is and is not acceptable.” So says Aprile Millo, who reveals the identity of the winner of the “Wordy for Verdi” competition after the jump. 

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Wordy for Verdi

In honor of the re-release of Presenting Aprile Millo – Verdi Arias on EMI Classics, La Cieca is delighted to announce a new competition for parterre readers. Details are after the jump.

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Easter parade?

La Cieca hears that Opera Orchestra of New York’s 2010-2011 season will represent a step up from last two years of stopgap recitals as well as a step back from the three-opera seasons of yore.  

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