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  • NPW-Paris: A tip if on a tight budget: people sometimes forget that Europe has buses. 3:08 AM
  • NPW-Paris: He hasn’t been singing at all recently! 3:03 AM
  • mrsjohnclaggart: You are very kind, Lorenzo and very interesting to read. As I said, I thought your points about the shift from Feudalism... 1:26 AM
  • mrsjohnclaggart: Adored Camille, Mascagni milked the Fascists for every penny he could get from them. He was utterly shameless and since... 1:20 AM
  • lorenzo.venezia: Ciao, Camille. I hear you about Taormina! My post-Bayreuth tour of Sicilia was truly a revelation. Sicilia is f**ing... 12:52 AM
  • antikitschychick: I’ve only heard recordings of Dimitrova on Youtube but I get the comparisons. I think Dimitrova’s top... 12:51 AM
  • mrsjohnclaggart: Then, in the fury of age, I misread you, Batty, and I am very sorry. I don’t have an excuse, except that somehow... 12:47 AM
  • lorenzo.venezia: Dearest Mrs JC- The point of the best discussiond is to find the truths amid the different points of view, and in order... 12:33 AM

Chiamo il mio ben così

Congratulations to Leitbreite (not pictured) whose cunning ears identified all but one of the singers in last week’s “Orpheus” quiz.   Read more »

We call it maize

Happy Thanksgiving U.S. Parterrians (not pictured)!   Read more »

The Rebirthening

Though the soi-disant “NYCO Renaissance” has not yet actually set dates for, you know, performances performed any opera, you will be happy to note that on November 30 you’ll have the opportunity to attend a fundraiser for the troupe—at a $250 top.  Read more »

Never on Sunday

Something to do after brunch

La Cieca hears that Peter Gelb and representatives of the Met’s various unions (not pictured) have begun preliminary plans for adding regular Sunday performances to the company’s schedule.

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Herheim Figaro

Hast’ ein Stückerl Notenpapier?

This new production of Le nozze di Figaro by Stefan Herheim looks seriously fabulous.

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Does anyone still wear a hat


Roberto De Biasio and Gwyn Hughes Jones will sing Pinkerton in the initial performances of Puccini’s Madama Butterfly at the Met this spring.

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bel canto

War paint

“From drab to fab!”

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PHOTO: Janette Pellegrini

Tell me about the rabbits

Our Own JJ confesses he just doted on Heartbreak Express, but “You Us We All was not my cup of twee.”

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Orphic mysteries

Your task this week: Name That Orpheus!

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We are all enfants de la Patrie

La Cieca hears that the Metropolitan Opera will perform “La Marseillaise” before this afternoon’s performance of Tosca.

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