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Latter day trove

anna-manon-bolshoiA day late, but worth the wait, I think: Manon Lescaut, live from the Bolshoi Opera on October 19, 2016. Read more »

Chat: Guillaume Tell

tellNote the early start time of 6:25 PM for tonight’s streaming broadcast of Guillaume Tell from the Met as well as the chat in La Casa della Cieca, following the jump. Read more »

Jason McVicker 1962-2016

bolenaThis is the hardest piece I’ve ever tried to write for parterre. For days now, it has just refused to work, and every time I hit a snag, the first thought in my mind would be, “Jason would have written this so beautifully.”  Read more »


Doing what come unnaturally

“Grace Bumbry Sings Richard Strauss?”

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Come out, come out, wherever you are!

Happy National Coming Out Day!

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And I’m not throwing away my gold!

I sat through the Met’s Ring twice, and it never occurred to me that any thought had gone into it at all.

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Cape fear

Anna Netrebko and a ten-kilo evening cloak perform “In questa reggia,” complete and live!

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Bavarian idol

Finally the postponed Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg takes to the web today.

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It was a euphoria beyond anything she’d ever felt on the stage!

“But mostly they were intoxicated with each other.”

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Rubble man

Jarrett Ott performs the Kenneth Fuchs monodrama Falling Man tonight at the at the National 9/11 Memorial and Museum.

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