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Poet manqué

Jonas KaufmannJonas Kaufmann est contraint de se retirer de la production des Contes d’Hoffmann à l’Opéra Bastille.”  Read more »

How the quest was won

taminoOn this day in 1791 Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte premiered in Vienna.  Read more »

Geopolitics Italian style

macbethAs part of its opening week Opera Philadelphia presented a production of Giuseppe Verdi’s Macbeth in the small Prince Theater in cooperation with the “Philly Fringe.” This was by the Third World Bunfight Company from South Africa. The director/conceiver, Brett Bailey, Caucasian “from University” remarked in a talkback afterward that he had been commissioned to “do an opera. I hate opera but wanted the commission so I looked through a book with all the stupid plots and saw there was an opera of Macbeth. I thought it would serve to make a play about the massacres in the Congo.”  Read more »


I am not carefree

Born on this day in 1942 singer and actress Madeline Kahn.

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An uncommon waitress

On this day in 1945 Mildred Price opened at the Strand Theatre in New York City.

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Sonya non mente

A big chunk of the last act of Norma.

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No view from the bridge

Mariusz Trelinski unveiled a rather gloomy, though musically satisfying, Tristan und Isolde.

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Keep the Rome fires burning

I offer an alternative to those who aren’t fans of Wagner: Mozart’s La clemenza di Tito from the house where it premiered.

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No day but today

Happy 59th birthday opera director Peter Sellars.

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New waves

Missy Mazzoli, a 36-year-old composer from Brooklyn, has created the most startling and moving new American opera in memory.

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