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Wallflower at the orgy

I’ve reached one of my goals for 2017: with this week’s upload of Edgar, you can now find at least one complete performance of every opera by Giacomo Puccini on my Mixcloud site.  Bryan Hymel and Angela Meade star in the composer’s second opera in a concert performance from Frankfurt in 2014.  Read more »

I take the longest to get ready of anyone

Born on this day in 1934 actress Rue McClanahanRead more »

Frauen sind doch bessere Diplomaten

Well, you can knock La Cieca over with an oversized feather fan, because it turns out that 1940s German musical movie star Marika Rökk, “who was banned from acting for two years for her apparent closeness to the Nazi regime, had in fact been working from the 1940s onwards for a reconnaissance network passing Third Reich secrets to Moscow.”  Read more »

Nature abhors a vacuum

La Cieca asks the cher public to take a moment to enhance their enjoyment of by reviewing these updates and suggestions.

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C’est la chanson des rêveurs qui s’étaient arraché le coeur

Sandrine Piau‘s lovely recital with pianist Susan Manoff at The Philadelphia Chamber Music Society on February 14 entered around the themes of sleep, dreams and waking. 

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If you don’t have it but you think you have it, then you have it

Born on this day in 1916 comedian Jackie Gleason.

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“Eurotrash” *

Born on this day in 1932 director and designer Jean-Pierre Ponnelle.

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Crazy in love

I am, perhaps instinctively, skeptical of those who commit suicide.

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Broadcast: I puritani

Javier Camarena fanboys (and others) are invited to comment on today’s Met broadcast of I puritani, which begins at 1:00 PM. 

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A very successful mouseburger

Born on this day in 1922 author and editor Helen Gurley Brown.

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