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Like breathing out and breathing in

“Critiques of My Fair Lady have focused not only on the show’s final exchange, but on the Pygmalion narrative itself: a man transforming a woman to meet his standards. Not to mention Henry’s bullying tone with Eliza, and her return to him at the end of the show.” Has anyone who assigned, wrote, edited or published this piece ever seen My Fair Lady? Have any of them even read Pygmalion?

Women on the verge

As the Met prepares to send its new production of Mozart’s most ambiguous and fascinating opera off to Coney Island, “Trove Thursday” offers a preview of Così fan tutte with Pilar Lorengar, Josephine Veasey, Lucia Popp, Luigi Alva, Wladimiro Ganzarolli and Kieth Engen with Georg Solti conducting.  Read more »

If dubbing you is wrong I don’t want to be right

Born on this day in 1930 soprano Marni NixonRead more »


Antonacci’s singing is remarkably beautiful for one who clearly doesn’t make that a top priority.

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BASTA: Stridono lasso

Supernumerary callbacks for the Big Apple Singing Theater Association’s spring production of Bison Don’t Cry were held later that night at the Mariachi Playhouse.

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“What price star system?”

On this day in 1957, Renata Tebaldi sang the title role in a new production of La traviata at the Met, directed by Tyrone Guthrie.

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Surfacing: an appreciation in 20 fragments

I struggle to articulate the notion of an erotics of art.

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Gilt trip

As a diehard completist I felt guilty as the Met’s scattered, campy revival of Semiramide lumbered toward its abrupt conclusion after nearly four hours.

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“Where’s my serpent of old Nile?

On this day in 1724 Handel’s Giulio Cesare in Egitto premiered in London.

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Broadcast: Semiramide

Make an Assyrian of yourself tonight starting at 7:25 PM!

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