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La Cieca

James Jorden (who writes under the names “La Cieca” and “Our Own JJ”) is the founder and editor of parterre box. During his 20 year career as an opera critic he has written for the New York Times, Opera, Gay City News, Opera Now, Musical America and the New York Post. He has also raised his voice in punditry on National Public Radio. From time to time he has directed opera, including three unsuccessful productions of Don Giovanni, a work he hopes to return to someday. Currently he alternates his doyenne duties with writing a twice-weekly column on opera for the New York Observer. He also hosts the more or less weekly livecast “parterre saturday afternoon.”

Broadcast: Vanessa

Live from the Glyndebourne Festival starting at 1:30 this afternoon: a telecast of that campest of all camp operas, VanessaRead more »

All ihr Singlefrauen

“Los in den Club, wir haben uns gerade getrennt. Ich zieh jetzt mein eigenes kleines Ding durch.”

O happy pair!

Congratulations to baritone Jarrett Ott and artistic administrator Adam Franklin, wedded Saturday by none other than Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. [Photo via Instagram]

Over my head

Happy 70th birthday soprano Kathleen Battle.

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Half shelled

“Fleming does not have the acting skills to convince as a hearty clam-shack proprietress…”

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Broadcast: Demon

A chilling opera for a scorching afternoon: Rubinstein’s Demon starring Egils Silins as The Demon and Asmik Grigorian as Tamara.

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“No husband is ever too scared to look”

Born on this day in 1891 actress and performer Helen Broderick.

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Awe-inspiring Anna Netrebko unveils yet another new Verdi aria.

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