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  • armerjacquino: David: dead right. A critic is there to review someone’s performance, not their shaggability. 3:59 PM
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Medium and rare

“Considering one of the season’s star singers is a plus-size female impersonator, opera this fall is anything but a drag.” Our Own JJ lays down the law on the subject of autumnal opera attendance to his base audience of jaded roués and gay divorcées who lunch at the Ritz. [New York Post]


  • Albiani says:


    You forgot to include the very important premiere of “The Tempest” by Thomas Ades on October 23.

    “An exhilirating opera” (Anthony Tommassini)

    “The Tempest is the opposite of a disappointment; it is a masterpiece of airy beauty and eerie power” (Alex Ross)

    • La Cieca says:

      For a somewhat more detailed preview piece in Musical America today, JJ selected this opera as #3 of the top 20 American opera productions of the season:

      The Tempest. Metropolitan Opera.
      The Met’s audience has come a long way. Just ten years ago, 20th-century opera was box office poison; today, audiences clamor for Thomas Adès. With mesmerizing baritone Simon Keenlyside on board as Prospero, this company premiere is the high point of the fall season. (Oct. 23-Nov.17).

  • perfidia says:

    Varla Jean Merman as Madame Flora? That can only be brialliant or a train wreck. Anyway it will be interesting. And here I am living in the boonies of the boonies.

  • perfidia says: