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She too

Before we start: he’s wearing wings because he’s going to a costume party.  Read more »

Perfect is the enemy of the good

Instead of disaster, a narrow escape

So I just got out of the Lohengrin prima at the ROH and I’m itching to share my thoughts. This staging was relatively standard for a contemporary production, set in a drab timeless European locale with vaguely 30s fascist vibes, a kind of spears plus rifles aesthetic. The swan boat as well as fireworks for the act two festivities were depicted with projections. While taking few risks in terms of concept, on the whole it worked quite well for me.  Read more »

And the 2013 Pubies go to…

One startling upset catches the eye among the many winners (if that is the word) of the 2013 Parterre Box Awards. Read more »

Why, oh why?

“Alden Drops the Ballo: His Milquetoast Take on Verdi’s Classic Fizzles at the Met” [New York Observer]

Swedish frisson

Last week’s freak nor’easter set the tone for Thursday’s chilly new production of Un Ballo in Maschera at the Met.

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The man in the ironic mask

The realization of the opera Un ballo in maschera by Verdi and the librettist Antonio Somma is almost as famous as the opera itself.

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The man behind the mask

Recently your doyenne engaged in an email-based interview with David Alden, director of the Met’s new production of Un ballo in maschera, opening on Thursday.

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I had a dream

And in this dream, WQXR’s Operavore was hosting an exclusive season preview for the Met at the charming downtown Greene Space.

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