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More than words

This week’s star-spangled “Trove Thursday” offers the second crazy-quilt installment of divas in the wrong language featuring—again in alphabetical order—Carmen Balthrop, Inge Borkh, Anita Cerquetti, Marie Collier, Costanza Cuccaro, Lisa Della Casa, Helga Dernesch, Cristina Deutekom, Sabine Devieilhe, Mirella Freni, Leyla Gencer, Reri Grist, Rotraud Hansmann, Marilyn Horne, Gundula Janowitz, Patricia Kern, Marjana Lipovsek, Angela Meade, Tamara Milashkina, Elena Nicolai, Aase Nordmo-Løvberg, Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, Amy Shuard, Renata Tebaldi, Tamara Wilson and Patricia Wise.  Read more »

Piau’s labyrinth

Sandrine Piau

The wide-ranging Halle Händel Festspiele is in full swing and “Trove Thursday” previews its most anticipated event with a superb broadcast of the composer’s rarely performed Arianna in Creta with Sandrine Piau, Kristina Hammarström and Ann Hallenberg conducted by Christophe RoussetRead more »

Z to A

“Trove Thursday” celebrates its second anniversary with “the A List”—all four operas this month begin with A. Most will immediately think of Verdi but we’ve had plenty of that work recently so instead today’s offering is an electric performance of his early potboiler Attila conducted by Giuseppe Sinopoli with Nicolai Ghiaurov, Piero Cappuccilli and the weirdly exciting (or is it the other way around?) Mara ZampieriRead more »

Composer’s intentions

A recent spate of comments about sopranos vs. mezzos as the Composer in Strauss’s Ariadne auf Naxos prompted me for this week’s “Trove Thursday” to dig out a live broadcast of the opera’s prologue featuring Julia Varady, a favorite soprano in a role she sang only rarely.  Read more »

Wagner, where you least expect it

“Trove Thursday” offers a Der Fliegende Holländer from New York City Opera featuring the underrated American soprano Johanna Meier.

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Woman behind bars

“Trove Thursday” presentsFerdinando Paër’s 1804 Leonora ossia L’Amore coniugale.

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High Campra

“Trove Thursday” presents Campra’s first “hit” L’Europe Galante in a broadcast from Versailles’s Opéra Royal by Les Musiciens du Louvre conducted by Marc Minkowski.

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Keeper of the flame

Several prima donnas have ought to resurrect La Vestale, including Renata Scotto, whose priestess highlights this week’s “Trove Thursday.”

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