Creature of the stage Creature of the stage

Nina Stemme’s program guided her audience through a period of musical history that explores themes of love and mortality with texts that traverse emotional extremes.

on May 12, 2023 at 9:00 AM
Twisted sisters Twisted sisters

Nina Stemme’s Elektra always seemed the sanest individual onstage never quite giving over to obsession or hysteria with a good line in mordant sarcasm and contempt.

on April 04, 2022 at 1:23 PM
General Elektra General Elektra

Nina Stemme’s Elektra is familiar to me in three different incarnations.

on February 11, 2019 at 5:05 PM
Geh such dir die Stars vom vergangenen Jahr! Geh such dir die Stars vom vergangenen Jahr!

Tristan has been the season-launching opera three times before now, but good luck finding someone to provide a firsthand account of the last time.

on September 23, 2016 at 3:20 AM
About a boy About a boy

So what’s up with Nina Stemme’s Stimme?  

on June 15, 2015 at 10:36 AM
So I married an axe murderess So I married an axe murderess

I think the sturdier of you will enjoy Nina Stemme’s Elektra from Saturday night at Wiener Staatsoper.

on April 06, 2015 at 8:00 AM
Night and dreams Night and dreams

At the Opernhaus Zürich, the coat check is not optional.

on February 16, 2015 at 2:00 PM
Winged victors Winged victors

The winners of the ninth annual F. Paul Driscoll Awards for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence (or, as they are colloquially known, the “Opera News Awards”) have been revealed.

on September 11, 2013 at 10:34 AM
Ugh! Neve! Ugh! Neve!

La Cieca celebrates (if that is the word) the first snowfall of the season in New York in the traditional manner.

on November 07, 2012 at 10:31 PM