Cher Public

Broadcast: Marnie

Nico Muhly‘s psychological thriller is today’s  Toll Brothers–Metropolitan Opera International Radio Network broadcast, starting at 1:00 PM.

The beautiful doom is empty

We’ve had surrealist dinner parties that won’t end and fables about love at a distance. But in light of recent reckonings with sexism, assault, and workplace power abuse, not to worry. The Met is on it with something woker than woke: a noirish psychodrama about a frigid hysteric’s redemption via Freudian analysis!  Read more »

Medium cool

A riddle, inside a mystery, wrapped in cashmere.

It’s a common criticism of Manon Lescaut , whether in the hands of Massenet or Puccini, that it’s hard to feel a lot of sympathy for the heroine in the light of her actions. How much harder, then, is the task Nico Muhly has set himself in presenting Winston Graham’s elusive heroine Marnie (and this is very definitely an adaptation of Graham,not Hitchcock) on the operatic stage?  Read more »

When this cruel war is over

Jarrett Ott is a star. That is the only surprise takeaway from the well-intended snore, Cold Mountain.

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Cher public, affrettati, precipita per l’etra!

La Cieca’s familiar spirits have been turning their generally steely eyes to the Future Met Wiki, attempting in vain to make sense of impending repertoire and casting at Casa Gelb.

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Desk set

“Two Boys demonstrates that Mr. Muhly is capable of very great things indeed, offering extended glimpses of the kind of masterpiece he just missed writing here, and, more happily, of the kind of masterpiece I feel confident he will write in the future.”

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Golden “Boys”

Who knows what to expect from an opera about the Internet?

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Our retrospection will now be all to the future

La Cieca predicts you won’t be seeing any puritans at the Met next season, except of course for the ones who slouch around during intermission hissing, “You call that a trill?”

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