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If I could be with you one scour tonight

“Too sexy” is a hell of an accusation for a woman wearing a giant mesh Brillo pad!   Read more »

We’ll go on forever, Pa

“Ma Joad is no doubt the most challenging role of my career thus far,” observed Fleming.

“Marge won’t out like a liar, a-whomping Odawalla Anna Bey!”

Broadway baby Renée Fleming pays tribute to the immortal Leslie “And they’re hockin’ the bejeebers” Uggams in this selection from Carousel. Read more »

You go to my head

Finally, medical science offers the answer to the conundrum that has baffled opera fans for decades: what was Renée Fleming thinking?

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The fire of artifice

My mother leaned in and quietly whispered,”Is that Leontyne Price?” to which I replied,”Shhhh!”

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Renée! F!

I fucking love Renée Fleming.

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And I am telling you I’m not going

“I never said that I was stepping away from the opera stage for good.”

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I don’t know why I’m frightened

“Norma non mente!”

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