Out of sight, out of mind

Now, you would think nothing could please gaycentric La Cieca more than yesterday’s New York Times profile of the Met’s new music director…

Slipped hypocrisy

Coot-owned and -operated blog which never reviews anything complains that the New York Times classical music section is reviewing the wrong things.

Day one

I wasn’t going to say anything… until this just happened to me.


>”Ghastly!” — New York Observer

Georgia on my mind

Jaw-breaking soprano Tamar Iveri is trying to walk back her recent homophobic rant by saying she has “many gay friends.”

The snafu over “homophobia row opera” Beached by Billy Elliot creator Lee Hall has been resolved thanks to a small lyric change.

Fortune’s fool

Have you heard the most recent update on the Franco Zeffirelli outburst earlier this week at the Rome Opera?