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Slipped hypocrisy

Coot-owned and -operated blog which never reviews anything complains that the New York Times classical music section is reviewing the wrong things. Bonus homophobia in the comments section!  Read more »

Day one

jarrett_500I’ve barely been able to move all morning. I wasn’t going to say anything… until this just happened to me.  Read more »


“Ghastly!” — New York Observer (Photo: Ken Howard/Metropolitan Opera)

Georgia on my mind

Jaw-breaking soprano Tamar Iveri is trying to walk back her recent homophobic rant by saying she has “many gay friends.”

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Once more unto the “Beached”

The snafu over “homophobia row opera” Beached by Billy Elliot creator Lee Hall has been resolved thanks to a small lyric change.

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Fortune’s fool

Have you heard the most recent update on the Franco Zeffirelli outburst earlier this week at the Rome Opera?

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