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“I wish I could say I was sorry!”

Says the the New York Post, “James Levine is trying to discredit one of his alleged victims by dredging up a ‘love’ letter his teen accuser once wrote to him.” And if that sounds like the plot of a Bette Davis movie, don’t blame me, I didn’t write it.

I used to think you were all sugar water

With all due respect to the splendid Susan Graham, you may not be a born Regina in The Little Foxes if you’re the sort of person who exclaims “Good gravy!” [New York Times]

“What gets me…!”

It is one of the most basic truths of the gay male experience that any life situation imaginable can be summed up with a line from All About Eve. And, as you see from the headline above, that’s how La Cieca (pictured, artist’s conception) is reacting to this utter balderdash about James Levine‘s cancellation of Lulu at the Met.   Read more »

Man of steel

“This throwback to the golden age of opera—superhuman singing greeted with frenzied ovations—was a function of a perfect storm of excitement.”

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