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“Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living”

Having dismissed the above quotation from Dr. Seuss, legendary crank maestro Riccardo Muti has announced his appointment as honorary president of Against Modern Opera Productions.

Play the favorita

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O sofa fanciulla

Winsome, tony, and studded with overbooked bistros, Tanglewood is not exactly crawling with bohemians these days. But on Saturday, the nonconformist spirit was out in full force, with a concert staging of La Bohème that brought scandal, rain, and silly summer glamour to the Koussevitzky shed.  Read more »


New York City Opera has announced a search for “a transgender singer with a treble voice” to create the role of a transgender character in the opera Stonewall.

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“Every time I walked on the stage it was like I was walking into my life”

Born on this day in 1914 soprano Eleanor Steber.

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The kiss we never dared we’ll dare in dreaming

If you’ve ever wondered what the Lost Boys’ abode might look like lined with mermaids, shopping carts, and unpeeled potatoes, look no further than Christopher Alden’s new production of Peter Pan.

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O sink hernieder, Nacht der Lenny

Well here we are, beloveds, still swathed in the warm glow of the Leonard Bernstein centennial. Box sets abound like bunnies in a hutch.

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“We all desire that Change will come”

Happy 62nd birthday playwright Tony Kushner.

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