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First Lady

Born on this day in 1879 actress Ethel Barrymore. Read more »

New face

Born on this day in 1923 actress and singer Alice Ghostley. Read more »

Untarnished silver

Happy 71st birthday soprano Kathleen Battle. Read more »

Extension cords

Born on this day in 1938 wide-ranging mezzo-soprano Huguette Tourangeau.

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Happy 67th birthday soprano Ashley Putnam.

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Sing for your supper

On this day in 1930 Betty Boop made her film debut in Max Fleischer’s cartoon Dizzy Dishes.

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To comfort you

“Trove Thursday” features its two favorite baritones in a pair of comforting settings of the Requiem.

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Il divo

Born on this day in 1755 castrato and composer Luigi Marchesi.

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