Her neurosurgeon sent the following message:

Based on the MRI results, the stroke is not extensive but it has affected areas in the brain responsible for comprehension and language. Obviously there are hopes for recovery but, especially considering her age, the extent and timing of rehabilitation could not be predicted and may require weeks to months.

A press release from Bumbry’s family continues:

Under Dr. Nouri’s supervision, Grace is receiving excellent care and attention from her medical team. If you know Grace Melzia Bumbry, you know that she is a fighter. She is listening to music and is increasingly able to understand and respond to spoken communication. She knows that her friends, family, and fans are praying for her and responded with emotion when I relayed every message that has already arrived.

Her family appreciates each inquiry and asks for your continued and uplifting prayers.

Please send cards and letters of encouragement to

Grace Melzia Bumbry
C/O The National Opera Center
330 Seventh Avenue
New York, NY 10001

Please DO NOT SEND PICTURES for autograph.