Here’s a new idea La Cieca hopes will meeting with the approval of you, the cher public: a schedule of chats for the upcoming month, centered around the Met’s Saturday afternoon broadcasts and the “Listen Live” features during the week. Comments and addenda are, as always, welcome.

DateTime (ET)
12/0312:30 pmRodelindaSaturday Matinee Broadcast
12/057:30 pmMadama ButterflyMet Listen Live
12/101:00 pmFaustSaturday Matinee Broadcast
12/127:30 pmLa Fille du RegimentMet Listen Live
12/171:00 pmMadama ButterflySaturday Matinee Broadcast
12/207:30 pmFaustMet Listen Live
12/24NoonLa Fille du RegimentSaturday Matinee Broadcast
12/311:00 pmDie Fledermaus (1/20/1951)Saturday Matinee Broadcast
12/316:30 pmThe Enchanted IslandMet Listen Live

All chats will transpire (where else but) La Casa della Cieca.