La Cieca’s spy attended today’s confab between George Steel (representing NYCO) and 29 singers and production personnel (AGMA) and 24 orchestra members (Local 802).

The spy’s observations after the jump.  

AGMA and Local 802 (orchestra) met with NYCO as a unified body, a first in the company’s history.

AGMA and Local 802 gave George Steel a unanimous no-confidence vote. Steel made a short presentation where he tried to make the case that producing traditional works like Butterfly are more costly, and that subscribers wanted non-traditional fare.

NYCO presented a three-page list of performances with no listed soloists, venues, or works, stating that it was going to make an announcement in two weeks…

The orchestra had previously taken a unanimous vote to NOT leave Lincoln Center.

It is unclear if NYCO still has obligations to the David H. Koch Theatre, and if, in fact, they intend to leave Lincoln Center.  As such, there is some concern that NYCO’s announcement may be designed to break the union.

802 and AGMA both agreed that, should the company proceed down its current path, their members will not be allowed to work for NYCO.

AGMA has not received any contracts for soloists.

Steel remarked that future chorus involvement would be “freelance.”

La Cieca has also obtained a memo from Alan Gordon, National Executive Director of AGMA, concerning today’s meeting: [PDF]