Clifton Webb, silly!The multi-slashed Manuela Hoelterhoff (Bloomberg editrix/spouse to disgruntled New York City Opera intendant manquée Francesca Zambello/grouch emeritus) dipped her goose quill in venom this morning once again to take on her favorite subject, i.e., how NYCO has gone to hell in a handbasket ever since they didn’t hire her girlfriend to run the place. 

Hoelterhoff (not pictured) is, as always, entertainingly vitriolic, if in this case a bit Godwinny (“For comparable magical thinking, you’d have to go back to Hitler dreaming of rescue in that bunker in Berlin.”)  Her tartest comic sally is the tongue-in-cheek suggestion that Joe Volpe is the man to run NYCO; pardon La Cieca whilst she wipes away the tears of laughter!