Sharp-eyed reader Sadie Salome writes:

It seems I was the only one spent much of last night’s letter scene peering through her binoculars at Karita Mattila‘s fine acting, because I see no report on your site of last night’s mishap (and if it isn’t on your site, then it obviously hasn’t been reported anywhere!)

As you can see in the photograph below, the nightgown which Tatiana wears for her letter scene has a couple buttons in the middle that hold the front together, though it’s still split a little bit even when fastened. 

Mattila came out with the buttons unbuttoned, the gown open to her midriff.  

As she kept rearranging herself on the bed at the beginning of the scene, every time she leaned forward, the gown fell open enough for you to see, well, an entire breast once or twice and a real eyeful otherwise.   The beginning was the worst, but there were a few more close calls thereafter, and a significant amount of side cleavage throughout.

I wondered if it was intentional or an oversight, but she fussed with the buttons a couple times, leading me to believe that something did, indeed, go wrong when she dressed prior to the scene, and she was aware of the problem (if unable to solve it or unwilling to compromise her acting to hide it).

As if to make up for revealing herself unwittingly in the first act, she wore a significantly more chaste dress in the last scene than Fleming did.