bidu_cieca.jpg… well, not tonight, actually, but on Saturday afternoon, when La Cieca once more will convene the faithful for a live chat on the topic of the Met broadcast of Manon Lescaut.

Now, honestly cher public, how was La Cieca to resist? You’ve already read Our Own JJ‘s reaction to the performances of Karita Mattila and Marcello Giordani in this production, so here’s a chance to find out whether you agree or disagree with his appraisal.

And the intermissions should be, if anything, even more exciting than the main event. We are promised roving reporter Renée Fleming doing the backstage play-by-play (in her best Barbara Musk purr), and, best of all, Renata Scotto hosting the Opera Quiz!

Yes, cher public, La Cieca can hardly wait either! But (as la Scotto might say) we will have to wait until Saturday at 12:45 pm EST. (That’s 15 minutes before the broadcast starts at 1:00 pm. If you need a reminder, just enter your email in the form below.)

(Oh, and if any of you cher public happen to be attending the live performance or the HD telecast, please email or text La Cieca your reactions and she will share them with the online chat.)