Early reports from the Ann Arbor edition of the Renee Fleming Daphne Show (additional music by R. Strauss) might have been written by La Cieca herself: “”two hours of excruciating agony,” and “a snooze . . . . high register from back in throat, spread notes.”

Well, at least La Fleming won’t the the only one getting wood that night. (via Sieglinde’s Diaries)

Update: The guy proffering the Fleming/fellatio gift pack has updated his ad a couple of times today — his latest effort (“Free Opera at Carnegie + Sex!”) ups the ante by including photos of frontal nudity (warning NSFW!) to go along with the million-dollar gams we all saw earlier today. La Cieca is frankly surprised nobody in classical music has thought of this before — counteracting soft ticket sales by throwing in a free blowjob. (And it certainly suggests a new punchline to the old joke about “how do you get to Carnegie Hall?)

Another update: La Cieca’s mentions of “wood” in this item should not by any means be construed as a veiled allusion to her dear little sister (“I call her little, even though she is somewhat older than myself…”) the NYC Opera Fanatic. Everyone knows NYCOF is a natural strawberry blonde!