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Curious “Case”

“…a perfect marriage of text and music, creating a series of tableau-like scenes, as if Paul’s story is being related through a series of exquisitely posed still photographs—exactly, in fact, the lapidary manner in which Paul envisions his life.” [New York Observer] (Photo: Noah Stern Weber)

  • Camille

    Thanks Cieca! I’m glad it was you on the beat this time.

    It’s such a great story I had so hoped that the musical realisation would grasp at least a part of that and do it justice. It seems that it has. So sorry to miss it.

  • N.B. Ms. Sankaram’s first name is Kamala, not Kamela.

    • dramaturgical dame

      And the marvelous pianist is KEITH Chambers, not Kevin.

  • LittleMasterMiles

    Glad to hear Paul’s Case was so good. I’ve enjoyed other music by Spears very much. I especially like his Requiem:

    and his string quartet, Buttonwood:

  • The Conte

    I love bits of that Requiem, I will look out for him in future.


  • aulus agerius

    Sounds great. I’ve wondered what happened to Robert wood whom I heard conduct in St. Paul.

  • Donna Anna

    I’m anxious to hear this. Spears was in Cincinnati as part of the Opera Fusion initiative with his latest creation, “Fellow Travelers,” but it proved disappointing after hearing some of the works cited by other PT’s. He writes beautifully for the voice and especially for ensembles. I hope an excerpt of Paul’s Story will turn up on youtube.