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  • guy pacifica: That’s fantastic singing — thank you for including it. 12:40 AM
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  • la vociaccia: She also has her worst tuning problems when she has to sing high notes that aren’t approached stepwise. Her soprano 2... 10:44 PM
  • JackJack: I strongly disagree about the Immolation Scene. I thought it was clearly the best part of the night. Her voice had warmed up... 8:16 PM
  • Porgy Amor: Signor Bruschino, my perception of the Met as an organization re: Levine is a little different. With the promotion of the HDs... 8:15 PM
  • Alex Baker: Goerke should definitely commemorate next April 1 with a Facebook missive describing how she is withdrawing from all current... 8:13 PM
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  • williams: Goerke is a mixed bag. Some thrilling moments but her voice, to my ears, curdles above the staff. That said there are few... 7:49 PM

Blonde, bombshell

So we may all be on the same page as we discuss, following the jump is the video of the December 7 Traviata from La Scala.


  • 41
    rommie says:

    An adroit take on the Tzerniakov Traviata:

    Seems that a lot of the narrative drive and symbolism works in a Tzerniakovian ontology, which runs against the ontology that Visconti’s aristocratic sparkle makes people forget.

    • 41.1
      laddie says:

      Thank you. Confirmed some of my own feelings about the deconstruction of the opera, which is why I admire Tcherniakov. I was glad to see Damrau buy so wholly into the concept. I don’t agree that Lucic was all there nor Beczala though he did seem to relax into the role as he went on.

    • 41.2
      oedipe says:

      From the review linked above:

      “From my point of view, the most waited for names on this evening list were Dmitri Cerniakov and Daniele Gatti. And not because Diana Damrau is not a good soprano. She is very good, but, when we talk about Violetta Valéry, she will never be Callas or Angela Gheorghiu.”


  • 42
    Donna Anna says:

    What’s with the Arte video? I can’t get it to load on the Arte site and I see it’s been taken down here.

    • 42.1
      Camille says:

      oh no, I guess it’s gone! I thought it may last a little while, but it’s gone now.

      Wasn’t it supposed to be on Arte for 29 more days?

      • 42.1.1
        bluecabochon says:

        Oh no! I didn’t get to watch the whole thing. I guess we were too critical.

          grimoaldo says:

          The link on this page is working again, must have been a temporary technical glitch (just for the interest of those who may be content to go on living in a world in which performances of La Traviata are still tolerated.)

      • 42.1.2
        Batty Masetto says:

        Firefox is still able to run it here. Not sure how far it will let me get though…

    • 42.2
      -Ed. says:

      Montgomery! You’re alive!!

  • 43
    Quanto Painy Fakor says:

    The russians have the whole video here:

  • 44
    pobrediablo says:

    Damrau rolls her Rs too much. Like a rattlesnake. Does she think this makes her sound more Italianate?

    • 44.1
      Camille says:

      The short answer to that is: Ja, ja.

      They all do that. In the wrong places, and then ignore il doppio consonant.

      pobrediablito, you be nice to my Marshiemellow === she is a sweet, sensitive girl and I don’t want her hut.


      are we cool with that?

      • 44.1.1
        Camille says:


      • 44.1.2
        pobrediablo says:

        Camila, I am nice to your lesbian lover.

          Camille says:

          hahahahaha!!! U R 2 mucho, diablito!!!!

          And if you are just on the lookout for a papi de azucar —- be careful — he no papi de azucar!!

      • 44.1.3
        pobrediablo says:

        But she’s a succubus trying to take me down the path of sin and promiscuity. I cannot let her tarnish my purity!

          Camille says:

          oh dear. You sound like Marguérite!!

          Well, if you are sweet and innocent and Marshiemellow is as well,
          we have nothing to worry about.

          You’re right about the rattler rrrrrr’s, though.

      • 44.1.4
        Quanto Painy Fakor says:

        And Damrau’s Italian lacks the desirable moments of linguistic assimilation, but her Violetta is the most impressive role she sings.

    • 44.2
      marshiemarkII says:

      Calm Down WOMEN!!!!!!

      There! less than 2 two hours and I got my first chance to use it!
      Though it was not intended to be used with my two favorite people in parterre :-)
      You see, tonight I was being unfaithful! all this time, diablita, so you better keep your day job because this gurl over here is too fickle, talk about a donna mobile :P :P :P

      But I do admire you for your perceptiveness and refinement when it comes to opera. You description of Mlle Damrau is absolutely spot on. The rolling of the Rs makes her vocal production “untidy” in my view. In German she sounds like the proverbial laser, the voice pure and limpid, while in Italian she sounds labored and untidy, with a layer of impurity that makes her voice less pretty than it can be. Very insightful diablita, points for you.

      Bon, when I bequeath my Medea to CammiB, you also get to take any bel canto that I have in more than one identical recording, different label. If you are into the only Maria, there are many to choose from, even the glorious Normas from London, Rome and Milan for example are in duplicate. But for that you have to tell us if you are in Sucksee, or plan to be in Sucksee, in the near future, esta bien?

      And if you want to go down the path of sin and perdition, then the wedding music to listen to is not Lohengrin (so lame :P) but of courthe Act II of Gotterdammerung!!!!. It provides a perfect omen for a future of contented happiness :P

      • 44.2.1
        marshiemarkII says:

        Oh while I was writing that they were playing this SUBLIME Nocturne in C-sharp minor by our glorious Frederic, and Vincenzo’s twin brother so I dedicate to both of you gurls!

      • 44.2.2
        marshiemarkII says:

        Oh my God gurls, tonight is DA NITE at CAS. Now they just played another sublime piece that I also dedicate to both of my adored sistahs then:

  • 45
    Quanto Painy Fakor says:

    Thrilling singing from Bastianini here:

  • 46
    Donna Anna says:

    My dears,
    I would like to thank the goddesses of technology who make it possible to see these operas live--who’da thunk it? I was happy to hand over my fifteen bucks for the experience. If the audio was off at the beginning and the end, grand merci a Arte and mucho spasibo to those Russians. No more waiting for second-hand reportage--the dissing and the dishing starts in real time!
    BTW—because of all the technical difficulties, those of us who stayed got bottled water, two free tickets and free admission to the next Emerging Pictures opera they happen to show--one hopes the streaming is more successful, whatever it is.

    • 46.1
      laddie says:

      I would have had to travel to Santa Fe -- glad it was on Arte for awhile at least.

      Needless to say, it took my computer only 5 hours to download it from a magnet link (peer to peer) even after Arte took it down.

      Technology indeed. SMART TV here I come!