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UPDATE: Blogger Out West Arts reflects on the “Occupy Wall Street” incident at the Met’s Faust last night, noting that the shouts (and various responses from members of the audience) did not interrupt the music.

EARLIER: The events, as they happened, on Out West Arts’s Twitter.

10:45 PM: La Cieca hears that a demonstration of some kind happened at the Met at the end of the first intermission of Faust tonight. Information is sketchy at this time: “A man began shouting ‘Occupy Wall Street’ repeatedly immediately b4 the start of Act III @MetOpera ‘s Faust tonight,” says one witness; another reports “At the Metropolitan Opera: Occupy Wall street disrupts the beginning of act two of Faust, booed by the audience they were quickly escorted out . . . OWS being escorted off of Lincoln Center property.”

  • derschatzgabber

    Hi bobsnsane. Over the years, I have read many items on this site that have bothered me, annoyed me, or made me incredibly angry. But that’s OK. I appreciate a free exchange of ideas, whether I like them or not. But there is something about your last string of posts that has crossed a line for me. This is the first time I have felt the need to let someone know, I wish they would just go away and leave us in peace.

    • bluecabochon

      Word, Derschatzgabber!

      I feel the same way and have been wondering if it was kosher to say so. I don’t like the way that BP is constantly being baited, even though he can handle it and displays a cool head while doing so. I wonder why Bob’s posts are allowed when they are so blatantly hostile and meant to rile folks up. Others have been muted for less.

    • OpinionatedNeophyte

      I very much agree. The right wing political posts are one thing. But the “faggots spread HIV-AIDS” posts crossed a very important line. The line between spirited disagreement and hate was crossed. I suggest that posters no longer respond to or interact with bobsnsane from this moment forward. Chat embargo.

      • bobsnsane

        A Jihad!

        • bobsnsane

          A quick search of Randy Shilts author of “And the Band Played On” reveals these bons mots on --

          Shilts’ sense of purpose was passionate and he never backed down from his own most controversial beliefs…
          Being both feisty and cocky, naturally, he made enemies.
          The late Bob Ross, editor and publisher of the Bay Area Reporter, described Shilts as a traitor to his own kind. In part that was because in stories he wrote for The Chronicle, where in 1981 he became the first openly gay employee; he advocated the closing of gay bathhouses as a means of containing the spread of AIDS. Asking people to forsake a sexual freedom that was so new and enthralling led to Shilts’ being spat upon on Castro Street.”

          Hmmm…curiouser and curiouser.

          Well…I don’t know what to say.
          It’s my first fatwah (blushing).

          • Why should Shilts, a journalist, be supposed to have any particular expertise in epidemiology, sexology, behavior analysis or practical politics? It’s all very well for him to have “advocated” the closing of bathhouses: anyone can have an opinion, and anyone can try to convince others of that opinion. But sensible people base large-scale changes in law on more than one person’s emotion-informed intution. “But we’ve got to do something!” is the sort of attitude that can lead to some very terrible decisions.

            There are in fact studies comparing cities where bathhouses were closed and those where they were left open but with certain mandates to provide safer sex information, condoms and so forth, and the data suggest that bathhouse closings accomplished only a symbolic political point, “we did something,” in other words. There was essentially no difference in HIV transmission rates in cities with closed or open bathhouses (assuming the mentioned encouragements toward lower risk sexual activity).

  • Bianca Castafiore

    I can’t go back and read all this crap. Suffice to say Bob slept through 8 years during the Shrub’s administration. Obama is addicted to spending? Because of course, Bush and the Republicans were so thrifty during those 8 years. They never started unnecessary wars that the country couldn’t pay for, they never exploded the deficit, and they didn’t destroy hundreds of thousands of jobs in the process. And I was the GREATEST singer ever to come out of Milano.

  • derschatzgabber

    Perhaps Bob could regale us with pithy descriptions of his 3 favorite WMDs found in Irag after the invasion, which can be used to justify the Irag war and the associated injuries, loss of life, and exploding deficits. Sadam Hussein may have been a bloodthirsty monster, but while he ran Iraq, the rest of the world wasn’t too worried about Iran making their own atomic bomb.

    Alas, it is an unjust world and virtue is only triumphant in theatrical entertainments (I’m sure that’s only an approximate quote -- correct me at will).

  • ardath_bey

    The sacred Metropolitan Opera shouldn’t be immune from the Occupy movement, as a matter of fact it should be one of the ground zeros for protests against the 1% parasites. That’s where these humanoids gather. Some of the most illustrious criminals of Wall Street, Corporate America and government (Kissinger comes to mind) are regulars there, unlike la Contessa di Coigny in Andrea Chenier they don’t even attempt to disguise their wealth in public as not to “embarrass” the poor.

    I was turned off by some of my so called friends on Facebook and their snarky remarks on the protester, it makes me wonder what kind of narcissistic trash I have on my list just because they’re opera people. They’ve been blessed with a talent and can make a living so they regard the rest as subhuman. Screw the jobless, they should just take a bath and eat cake. The message of OWS isn’t rocket science, capitalism is a pyramid scheme designed to enrich 1% to the detriment and enslavement of the remaining 99%. And the 1% has become even more obscene and murderous lately, their only goal is to keep the working class of the entire planet more dependent, humiliated, tortured and disappeared (National Defense Authorization Act) if necessary.

    I understand the 1% being furious at protesters but you?? You working people? You remind me of Ayn Rand that scum who faked her identity in order to get Medicare, the typical example of how putrid, revolting and hypocritical conservative people are. It’s wrong to leech off “big government” unless that person is yourself. They have nothing to offer the world except evil and selfishness. Their so called “philosophy of greed” isn’t a philosophy, just plain old plain human malevolence. You’re not fit for humanity, you’re purely arrogant and vindictive, hateful with and a complete disregard of others. Go away. Shame on all of you, bacterial followers of Ginrich, Bachman, Romney, Palin, Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Hannity, Beck, Coulter, Mark Levin infesting my beloved opera world. GO.

  • bobsnsane

    (Waking up to find such a tumult – that maestro Domingo made me sooo sleepy).

    What to say but ‘Quit now when I am so close…’

    Grab the pitch forks and torches, folks.

    I’ll be up in the castle working
    on even more dastardly
    right-wing research….
    to think that they laughed at my experiments
    at the university…(sigh)!