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RIP Brad Wilber’s “Met Futures” page

After 15 years of astoundingly accurate forecasts of future Met seasons, the invaluable resource by Brad Wilber has been, apparently, permanently expunged from the internet. Those of you who, like La Cieca, will cherish the last bits of wisdom from this site may want to download and save this PDF of the most recent cached version of the site before its extinction.

  • mia apulia

    If someone accused me of programming Guleghina as Turandot I would certainly sue. There are many such impossibilities in the list, and the Met is correct to think its reputation would be harmed if anyone believed these nasty lies.

    • Camille

      you are very funny, indeed!

      • mia apulia

        and you are very sweet, Camille dear

    • rysanekfreak

      So my hopes for a Turandot performance starring Guleghina… with Gheorghiu as Liu and Cura as Calaf and Ramey as Timur are to be dashed? How can we talk of a Golden Age when we are to be denied such glittering nights?

      • Camille

        If you want Glitter, rent Mariah Carey’s movie!

        Only improvement upon your ‘glittering’ cast I would make would be to substitute Poplavskaya for Gheorghiu. At least the Ange is a credible Travita!

        • luvtennis

          I shudder to think of what the opera “Travita.” I mean wasn’t “The Wiz” enough! Besides Pam Grier is too old.

          • But think of the possibilities of “Ease on down the road” sung in Italian.

          • OpinionatedNeophyte

            A: Ms. Sheba Baby is ageless!
            B: The Stephanie Mills Wiz is magic.

            Plus there’s a faux baritone in the show

          • luvtennis

            “… Travita would sound like.” Jeesh. Why doesn’t my computer finish my sentences yet?!?!

            I am willing to do without flying Jetson cars, but is a smart computer too much to ask for? Where is SkyNet when you really need it.

          • Camille

            “Tra vita e morte”
            A poem by Gabriele Dannunzio.

            Okay. I am sorry about my dropped vowel, but at least it’s not a dropped bowel.

            However, I do not know how “Travita” relates to the Wiz, much less, Pam Grier, and say, didn’t she make a comeback a couple years ago as Foxy Brown? Confusa io son. I need some ‘splainin’ to, fellers.

          • Camille

            And, speaking to the most adorable kashania and sideways to Doc ON--on another thread--the Italian for “Gone with the Wind” is “Via col Vento”, which, all things considered, is not that bad a translation.

            Something really does get lost in translation, though, when you hear Butterfly McQueen talking about “birth’ no babies”--in italiano.

          • luvtennis


            The explanation is so simple.

            I am silly. I took advantage of your dropped vowel (I feel like Pat Sajack), to make a non-funny joke.

            The point is that Travita would be to Traviata as the Wiz is to King Lear, er I mean The Wizard of Oz.

          • Camille

            Avvocato luvtennis,
            Don’t worry about it: I am old and rather dense about a lot of common cultural references. Now I understand. Sorry to bother you.

            Where’s our next movie script????
            How about “Via col Vento” aka Gone with the Wind?? Should we cast Nathan Gunn as Rhett Butler? We already know who Scarlet O’Hara would be: La Cieca!
            Waiting with bated breath.

          • See, I don’t see Nathan Gunn as Rhett Butler. He’s too nice. I think one needs to self-assured arrogance of a Thomas Hampson.

            But Nathan Gunn would make a nice Ashley.

            Scarlett would have to be La Gherghiu.

            Melanie would be Pat Racette.

  • Byrnham Woode

    I’l l repeat what several have said: Neither artists nor managers like speculative announcements of their plans, which may in fact fall apart for any nuymber of reasons -- and not frivolous ones, either.

    I join the sentiment that perhaps the METshould have pursued internal sources for the “gossip” Brad has been so brilliant with, and I don’t understand how they can legally shut down his site -- which clearly speaks to the issue of being speculative, informal, and unofficial.

    Remember: the management cannot announce that so-and-so is singing Tristan next year until they have a signed contract with so-and-so. Even if they’ve gotten to the point of discussing the fabric his costume will be made from, and the fact that he needs every Thursday off, no matter what.

    I’ll sure miss Brad. This is a shame.

  • brianinbrooklyn

    I always thought that the metfutures page was actually from the met. Wasn’t it at one point found at The contact info at the time from was attributed to an email address at the met.

  • Clita del Toro

    OT: Anyone listening to Muti’s Macbeth on the web?

  • Oh for fuck’s sake. perhaps an official inquiry to the Met press office is in order.

  • rofrano

    This is bullshit! It’s not illegal for Brad to “predict” what the Met might be doing in future seasons based on what he hears. Does Brad work for the Met? No. Has he some allegiance to keep their secrets? No.

    “First, they came for my neighbor -- but I said nothing…”

  • rofrano

    This is bullshit! It’s not illegal for Brad to “predict” what the Met might be doing in future seasons based on what he hears. Does Brad work for the Met? No. Has he some obligation to keep their secrets? No.

    “First, they came for my neighbor -- but I said nothing…”