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Renee Fleming (seated) and Barry Banks (standing) … in the Met’s 2010 Mary Zimmerman Armida

[This caption by rysanekfreak replaces La Cieca’s original, “So it’s agreed: Roberto gets the house in Monte Carlo; Angela gets custody of the gays”.]

  • The flamingo opera

    HAHAHAHA!!!! Love the title.

  • jatm2063

    RE: #13

    Seems like the next Opera America conference would probably take place in a basement somewhere itself.

  • Xica da Silva

    where is this photo froM?

  • kashania

    rysanekfreak: LOL! Bravo!

  • wotan_in_inman

    Not wanting another tenor on the “indisposed” list, the chorus boys all advocate a band-aid for Alagna’s nasty paper cut.

  • Belmonte

    Its nice to see OA on your page. I hope there is a prize for a less provocative ID. Regina has the singers right. And the show could be none other than than Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk which opened Tuesday.

  • Buster

    Even on stage, Met audience cannot hear “inaudible” singers

  • GayGlitter

    Tristan und Isolde, with all, ALL the covers for Tristan.

  • stignanispawn

    Yes, Joanie, it’s true, these boys are all Ricky’s proteges.

  • Bitchy Testiculi

    The one who wins gets gangbanged first!

  • Turandot

    rysanekfreak: that one just made me spit out my tea! Hilarious.

    Armida — it’s going to be fun to see Fleming standing between Brownlee and Banks. It’ll be an “Ebony and Ivory” Munchkin sandwich!

  • giocomopuccini

    Fanciulla, Act I, the bible lesson.

  • Mahagonny?

  • bardassa

    I love the suggestive barrel!

  • mrmyster

    Eleanor Steber and Placido Domingo
    At the Continental Baths.
    RCA Red Seal disc soon to be issued!
    Macy’s is having a related White Sale.