Cher Public

“So that’s what she calls meeting Mrs. Haines socially”

Just for fun on a Monday morning: supply a caption to the above photograph.

Stop! Stop! Stop taking pictures! Right now!


[This caption by Kernita Makilla replaces La Cieca’s much inferior “psst… sandbag… SANDBAG!”  The photograph by Ken Howard is of Christopher Feigum as Figaro, James Westman as Beaumarchais, and Dorothy Byrne as Susanna in Opera Theatre of Saint Louis’s 2009 production of The Ghosts of Versailles by John Corigliano and William “It’s because I’m gay, isn’t it?” Hoffman.]

Non senti tu nell’aria il profumo che spandex Primavera?

[La Cieca invites the cher public to supply a caption to the above photo. And while you’re at it, anyone care to identify the gentleman at right and what opera this is?]

Mon fur s’ouvre a ta voix

[Replaces “Mizrahi eliminated in Project Runway shocker!”]

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this hideous rinse provokes my rage

This vastly superior caption replaces La Cieca’s original, “Rebecca Glasscock back on the pipe?” [Danielle de Niese in Acis e and Galatea at The Royal Opera, photo by Bill Cooper.]

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Blythe Stirit

[This caption by armerjacquino replaces La Cieca’s original, “Waiter, there’s some soup on my fly!”] Photo by Ken Howard/Metropolitan Opera.

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Renee Fleming (seated) and Barry Banks (standing) … in the Met’s 2010 Mary Zimmerman Armida

[This caption by rysanekfreak replaces La Cieca’s original, “So it’s agreed: Roberto gets the house in Monte Carlo; Angela gets custody of the gays”.]

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President Obama unveils stimulus package

[This caption surpasses the original, “having wonderful time. love, tony”]

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