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Bleeding of the eye

Congratulations to Opera News on their new hire, art director Harvey Dent. His freshman effort at dragging the venerable magazine’s visual aesthetic into the 1990s has resulted in the most hideous cover seen since Mrs. August Belmont cranked her first mimeograph. Read more »

L’ombra mostrarsi a me!

Since his death, Mackerras has had not very much interesting to say aside from “Avenge me!”

Not since the Zodiac Killer…

death of operaMarlis Petersen, in her first shot at the role, is as complete a video Violetta as Rosanna Carteri, Marie McLaughlin or the young Angela Gheorghiu, and as riveting as Teresa Stratas or Anna Netrebko.” [Opera News]

“After all that time, she can call Tristan ‘du’ surely”

Finally we know what Brian Kellow used to do at Opera News: proofreading.

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Politically deflect

“A few weeks after the opening night of Otello in New York, The Washington Post convened a group of African–American opera singers to discuss the issue.”

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A boom with a view

“It’s in the ‘Behind the Scenes’ section of the Lady Gaga issue, involving Brian Mitchell, archivist and occasional child wrangler with the Houston Grand Opera.”

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Winged victors

The winners of the ninth annual F. Paul Driscoll Awards for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence (or, as they are colloquially known, the “Opera News Awards”) have been revealed.

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You’ve got to taste all the fruit

F. Paul Driscoll, editor of Opera News [not pictured], is optimistic.”

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