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Glister act

New York City Opera Renaissance’s Tosca “was opera at its most retrograde, an effort to recreate a golden age from a handful of tinsel.” [New York Observer]

Atre Furie, volate a me!

While legendary NYCO soprano Lauren Flanigan has, alas, not been singing very frequently lately, she recently has turned her laser-like focus to that other essential aspect of the diva’s job description, that of Raising Righteous Hell.  Read more »

“Tosca” at the Séance

New York City Opera has officially launched its “renaissance” at Lincoln Center’s Rose Theater last night with a production of Puccini’s Tosca that should please a lot of older, conservative audiences, if not the adventurous operagoers that City Opera courted in the past.  Read more »

Moore than a feeling

New York City Opera Renaissance has officially announced casting for their impending production of Tosca.

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Renaissance woman

La Cieca is wondering who, in fact, will be performing the role of the Roman diva, or, for that matter, any other role in this production.

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The Rebirthening

Though the soi-disant “NYCO Renaissance” has not yet actually set dates for, you know, performances, you will be happy to note that on November 30 you’ll have the opportunity to attend a fundraiser for the troupe—at a $250 top.

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