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Lite Meyerbeer

Joy and mental sanity reign at the end of Dinorah for Suchan Kim and Holly Flack.

Meyerbeer’s name, when remembered at all, is synonymous with folies de grandeur, a veritable Mercedes Benz (or, more likely, Hispano-Suiza) of old-fashioned operatic vehicle. Read more »

Meyerbeer me!

So, how well does Les Huguenots stand up in this, our modern world? Here’s another chance to find out, as we present a live performance of the opera from Nürnberg in 2014. Read more »

A night at the Roxburgh

Did someone ask Jungfer Marianne Leizmetzerin for a real operatic rarity? Well, you’ve got it: the early Meyerbeer “heroic melodrama” in bel canto style ma di Resburgo, starring Simone Kermes and Vivica Genaux. Read more »

A Faustian bargain

What we have here is the grandest opera never heard.

Read more »