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May contain nuts

Mark Morris’ saucy, psychedelic The Hard Nut has returned to the Brooklyn Academy of Music yet again this week for its 27th Christmas since the ballet premiered in BrusselsRead more »

The man who would be nymph

Sometimes the fates conspire, preventing an artist from recording the role for which he is his generation’s touchstone. Today “Trove Thursday” rights one of those unfortunate oversights for Jean-Paul Fouchécourt on his 60th birthday with a broadcast of his irresistibly self-absorbed sea-nymph in Rameau’s Platée which also features a dazzling star-turn by Mireille Delunsch as La Folie.  Read more »

Making out like a bandit

Following Don Carlos and Luisa Miller, “Trove Thursday” turns for the third of Verdi’s four Schiller adaptations to a recent I Masnadieri with risen stars Lisette Oropesa and Russell ThomasRead more »

That’s how they did it

Idomeneo proved enormously moving while a much more complicated Così fan Tutte went for shallow romantic hijinks stripping that work of its darkly ambiguous disturbing view of love.

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The secret of nymph

Mark Morris’ staging of Acis and Galatea at Lincoln Center is everything good about summer condensed into two hours.

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Get happy

Lincoln Center hosted two milestones this week.

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A boozy short leave

After 23 years, the Queen of Carthage has finally made it to Manhattan.

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