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Natural woman

As Christopher Corwin detailed in his review of the Anna Netrebko-helmed iteration of this production, Adriana Lecouvreur is an opera that seems to be most often mounted as an excuse to showcase the sort of one-in-a-million, top-of-their-game, mega-divas of which Adriana is herself one.  Read more »

Social Medea

Jennifer Rowley in “Medea in Corinto”.

Simone Mayr’s Medea in Corinto, a curious work of 1813, far more popular than Cherubini’s piece during the the 19th century and last given in New York by Newell Jenkins’ Clarion Consort back in 1969, has been revived by Will Crutchfield’s new enterprise, Teatro Nuovo, for two performances—last Sunday and this Saturday—in tandem with another hit of 1813, Rossini’s TancrediRead more »

The burning Ghars, or Ghats, or whatever they are

Lots of chatter in the British press about the Rowley rowdydow at the Garden, but what interests La Cieca the most is the pictorial evidence that Laurent Pelly‘s production of Robert le Diable looks exactly like a box.