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Geh such dir die Stars vom vergangenen Jahr!

tristan-flagstad-melchiorOn Monday, the Met kicks off its 132nd season with a new production of Wagner’s Tristan und Isolde by Mariusz Trelinski, with Sir Simon Rattle leading a premiere cast of Nina Stemme, Ekaterina Gubanova, Stuart Skelton, Evgeny Nikitin and René Pape (not pictured).  Read more »

“Something great in itself”

katharinaNow we have considered the three “winners” in the Tristan video competition, let’s turn to the also-rans, or, to be more optimistic, the runners up.  Read more »

Newspaper of Record decrees post-Levine era

“With the news this month that James Levine had slipped and injured a vertebra while vacationing in Vermont… Fabio Luisi became the company’s music director in all but name.” [New York Times]

Paragraphs you’ll never see in the NYT, part one

“As ever though, it was that gnomic figure in the orchestra pit that dominated the night. James Levine, the Met’s principal conductor, made his debut at the Met with Tosca in 1971 and now approaches his 2,500th performance at the house. From the audience, all you see of him from behind as he conducts is his large ball of white hair swaying rhythmically from side to side. The light of his score frames his head. I swear, it looks just like a halo.”  [The Guardian]

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