Cher Public

Midway through my season

Summer in FebruaryThe usually somnolent month of February was a strong one for, with over 39,000 visitors viewing the site more than 463,000 times. The most popular postings for the month follow the jump.  Read more »

La commedia comincia

Hello, hello, cher public? You called, I can’t hear a thing. Well, actually at the moment I can’t hear your chat, which is the problem. The software used for the regular “La Casa della Cieca” chat is somehow mucking up the smooth operation of the site, and so, for the moment, your doyenne asks to you chat in an alternate fashion, to be explained after the jump.   Read more »

November reign

A readers’ discussion of Gaetano Donizetti garnered the most pageviews of any parterre posting in November. The top ten postings are listed after the jump.   Read more »

Apocalyptic post

“We are all interested in the future, for that is where you and I are going to spend the rest of our lives.”

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How firm a foundation

Take a moment, cher public, to thank our splendid advertisers for the month of November.

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Ow, my keyboard!

A milestone of sorts is reached today at La Cieca and her team of experts have posted 7,000 articles on this WordPress-powered site since May 2005.

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“Du hast eine halbe Million geheiratet”

La Cieca is gratified and even mildly humbled to announce that garnered over half a million pageviews in the month of October, representing over 30,000 unique visitors.

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Coffee break

La Cieca (pictured, in her dreams) would like to pause just a moment in her editrixing duties for a spot of housekeeping.

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