If La Cieca’s life were a romantic comedy, then your doyenne would surely be 1990s era Sandra Bullock, you know, the heroine, right? Well, it turns out she’s not that, nor even the hero, but something like the second male lead, you know, Peter Gallagher in a coma.

Long story short (leaving out the last-minute rush to the airport) La Cieca planned to be “away from the computer” on Sunday and (possibly) early Monday morning, and so created postings to be published on those days to give the illusion she was still at her virtual desk. And then your doyenne managed to set the timestamp on both postings erroneously, and they didn’t publish, and, left alone, will not see the light of day until just about the time Cecilia Bartoli is screaming “How do you fire this gun, Chino? Just by pulling this little trigger?” Which is to say, in late May 2016, and I hate human error.

My apologies, cher public, and welcome back from the holiday! Check the next postings to catch up with your usual, if belated, parterre excitement.