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Have I got a girl for you

My honest reaction when I heard that a reverse-gender Company was being planned for the West End was exhaustion. Like, is this what we’re doing now, Sondheim-wise? At what point should we just admit we’re bored with the work?  Read more »

Dramatic A.R.C.

If Glass Handel were simply a one-performer concert—that’s only the beginning, but stay with me for a minute—even that would be intrepid, since it combines music by two composers, most of it pretty far from the mainstream, at seemingly opposite polarities of history and style.  Read more »

Margosha koshka zhiva!

UPDATE: Video of Anna Netrebko’s “Peak Elizabeth Taylor” look in action. Read more »

What Elsa?

“The snow glows white on the mountain tonight, not a footprint to be seen…” Anna Netrebko launched her recital tour at Baden Baden last night. Photo: manolo press