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Niel Rishoi


Maria Callas’s most outstanding Adalgisa, out of all she partnered with, was Fiorenza Cossotto. (How’s that for a change of pace?)  Read more »

Burnished bass

There are some singers that grab a hold of you from the very first time you hear them, turn you into a rabid fan, inform you of art at the highest level as you know it, and mark you for life. I clearly remember the day I first heard the voice of Cesare SiepiRead more »

The trouble with Norma

The tides in casting Norma are gradually changing. If one looks at trends in the last 40 or so years, the most successful Normas are mainly those who’ve made not just bel canto, but Bellini as a mainstay in their repertoire.  Read more »

The priestess with the mostest

Edita Gruberova takes on the requirements of the title role in Bellini’s Norma.

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Elements of style

Edita Gruberova essentially revived and propagated the bel canto repertoire in central Europe, specifically in the German-speaking countries.

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Laughing song

It can be confidently asserted that Edita Gruberova is one opera’s most gifted comediennes. 

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Sie ist eine Meisterin im Improvisieren!

No 50th anniversary career tribute would be complete without covering Edita Gruberova’s legendary status as the premier Zerbinetta of her long reign in the role!

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Königin of Mozart

The third installment of my 50th anniversary tribute to Edita Gruberova was impossible to narrow down to one selection.

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