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Joel Rozen

Joel Rozen is a culture critic, anthropologist, and audiophile living in New York. His doctoral thesis at Princeton—still underway—is based on some field research he did in North Africa a few years ago; since then he’s enjoyed teaching in the city and writing about music. His love of opera can probably be traced back to high school, when he used to poach from his girlfriend’s dad’s CD collection. The orientation has changed and so has the digital format. What hasn’t is the Domingo/Studer Otello, which remains awesome, and unreturned.

Too much, too soon

“Too many notes,” tut-tuts Habsburg Emperor Joseph II upon sitting through Seraglio in the Shaffer biopic, Amadeus. Brace yourselves for some sacrilege, folks: it’s a sentiment I sometimes share when it comes, gasp, to Mozart.  Read more »

BASTA: Ballet up to the bar

“C’mon boys! Follow my booty!”

Doomed Lucia di Lammermoor was only halfway through her Mad Scene at the time of the incident.  Read more »

BASTA: Altro sangue scorrerà!

Lights softened, and the swan-shaped chandeliers ascended quickly, from parterre-level to the heavens, as though trading in the proletariat for a more exalted perch. But what a proletariat!  Read more »

Songs of disappointment

b>Lawrence Brownlee, star tenor of stage and NFL games is a real “pillar of the community.”

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It takes a woman

Julia Bullock revisited a few well-trodden song cycles and lieder but pointed up their hidden politics.

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BASTA: Yet more buzz

Even dauntless Evan Ingersoll felt his nerves beginning to mount.

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Kingly sex

As far as prewar Italian verismo goes, L’amore dei tre re is a supernova.

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BASTA: You must take the ‘C’ train

After an early Saturday shift bar-backing at Aura Bar, Evan had trotted over to his friend Jesús Halévy’s for a late-night slumber party à deux.

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