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Joel Rozen

Joel Rozen is a culture critic, anthropologist, and audiophile living in New York. His doctoral thesis at Princeton—still underway—is based on some field research he did in North Africa a few years ago; since then he’s enjoyed teaching in the city and writing about music. His love of opera can probably be traced back to high school, when he used to poach from his girlfriend’s dad’s CD collection. The orientation has changed and so has the digital format. What hasn’t is the Domingo/Studer Otello, which remains awesome, and unreturned.

The devil’s eye candy

There are shows with iconic characters, and there are shows with iconic characters playing iconic characters.  Read more »

Fleur du mal

Since it debuted in 2009, the Met’s Richard Eyre production of Bizet’s Carmen has beguiled audiences with its tense, vivid portrait of tormented love in Spain. Here, the old yarn about a corporal of dragoons who swaps reason, virginal girlfriend, and mama-love for a vampy seductress is reset in Civil War-era Seville.  Read more »

Center ring Gandhi

With a crucial political faceoff ahead, and seemingly everything hanging in the balance, BAM brings us a political opera featuring… literal balancing acts.  Read more »

The beautiful doom is empty

The Met is on it with something something woker than woke: a noirish psychodrama of a frigid hysteric who seeks redemption via Freudian analysis!

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Automaton poem

With only a few weeks left to slice up our pumpkins and track down the perfect Luigi for our Mario, the timing seems right for a pair of Gothic operas set in a crypt. 

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Magnificent seven

Even for a medium that often trades in high-impact visuals, The Mile-Long Opera is dazzling to look at.

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Hop on pops

Carnegie Hall’s season opener last night fetched the usual glitterati.

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Must the winter come so soon?

On Tuesday we got one of the Met’s inveterate classics, which meant yet another opportunity to gaze upon the old accessories: Donkey cart! Teal shawl! Fugly plaid slacks!

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