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BASTA: Super, tanks for asking

Comfortable clothing that breathes and honors mobility.

The day of the big BASTA audition, Evan found the flier Paul Upczuk had passed him the previous weekend at Aura Bar, flopped down on his bright, trapunto quilt, uncrumpled the lavender paper, and began to read. His jaw slackened. 




Bison Don’t Cry, a new opera in English.
Music by Zack Wedgie.
Libretto and spoken-word divertissements by Romana Clay.

Director: Joey Piccata; Conductor: Robert Richard Spandez; Assistant Director: Candi Boutin; Costume Design: Eugenie Puant; Lighting and Sets: Paul Upczuk; Choreography: Vanessa Spoleto; Wigs by Wigs ‘N Things By Kevin.


Thursday, February 1, 2018, 7:00-11:00pm. Mariachi Playhouse, 1700 Broadway, Manhattan.

BASTA is now casting 12 male supernumeraries for the New York premiere of Zack Wedgie’s Bison Don’t Cry. Production starts rehearsals on Monday, March 5, and will have five performances, opening on Wednesday, May 16, and closing on Sunday, May 20.


Story takes place in the scenic South Dakota prairie. Adapted from Romana Clay’s Sapphonic Scroll-winning graphic novel of the same name, Bison Don’t Cry is both a moving, sensual tribute to amor prohibido among men, and a sharp political indictment of homophobia on the open plain.

While at first perturbed by the arrival of his sassy new cowhand Atkins Brady, surly buffalo herder Barrett Della Casa soon learns the thrill of tending meat with a partner. But will the two ever find free love? Two of the great singing actors of our time, Galen Garland and Victor Montclare, bless this premiere with their clarion countertenors. R. R. Spandez conducts the serene, tempestuous Wedgie score.

Supernumeraries in Bison will play a variety of roles, from townsmen to buffalo boys to male nurses to Mormon family members to jolly bandits to avatars of the Greek god Eros. Those auditioning should be strapping and pliable; comfortable with leaping over wide escarpments; lying still for deathly long durations; crouching in dank, claustrophobic contexts; and getting sprayed with non-carcinogenic white slime. Experience in knife fighting and flame-throwing is encouraged but not required.

Supers will wear a variety of evocative costumes that hug the physique, or appear nude. Acting or other theatrical experience is advantageous but not required for this production. Unlike other titles in the 2018 BASTA season, simulating Reduplicative Paramnesia is not a requirement for this show.

Only male, male-transitioning, and exceedingly handsome female candidates will be considered. Supers must stand no taller than six feet. Lissome or heroic build is preferable but not required.

Rehearsals for Bison commence March 5 and may be held after 8pm Monday through Friday, at at any time on weekends. Extras will be paid for all rehearsals and performances at a rate of $8 per rehearsal hour and $30 per performance. There is no payment for the audition itself.

Does this sound like you? For open call, please visit the Mariachi Playhouse at 7pm sharp on Thursday, February 1. Bring picture (only front face please, no body shots or “artistic” portfolios) and resume.


Comfortable clothing that breathes and honors mobility.

Please note that interested candidates sporting any of the following will be subject to immediate removal from the premises:

  • Toe Socks or Hand Muffs
  • Sleeveless Hoodies
  • Cummerbunds or Comparable Evening Superfluity
  • Cromwell Shoes, Chopines, or Annabelles
  • Capri Sweatpants
  • Hobble Skirts
  • Codpieces or Ruff Collars
  • Eye warmers by Tensai Bakabon
  • White Sleeveless Undershirts (“Wife Beaters”)
  • Fleece Jumpsuits
  • Cooling Pants
  • Wearable Sleeping Bags
  • Denim Detachable Jeans
  • Distressed Capes
  • Thneeds
  • Thigh Wear With Baubles
  • Morris Bellpads, Baldrics, or Sashes
  • Armadillo Pinet Heels
  • Anything reminiscent of Lordosis Behavior and no Hosiery of High Denier (s’il vous plaît)

If you must wear a phone case fanny pack, please ensure it is composed entirely of crinoline or non-biodegradable materials.

Must be 18 years or older to try out. Any offer of employment is contingent upon the ability to provide documentation of the right to work in the United States.

Questions? Email

Evan sighed, then worriedly surveyed the contents of his tank closet. He might have to rethink his audition attire.

Illustration by Ben A. Cohen