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BASTA: Only God can make a tree

“Hello there. Hey?”

No response.

“Hey. Sorry to trouble you. I was wondering if I could have a word with my client. He’s just been booked, I think.” Read more »

BASTA: Ballet up to the bar

“C’mon boys! Follow my booty!”

Doomed Lucia di Lammermoor was only halfway through her Mad Scene at the time of the incident.  Read more »

BASTA: Altro sangue scorrerà!

Lights softened, and the swan-shaped chandeliers ascended quickly, from parterre-level to the heavens, as though trading in the proletariat for a more exalted perch. But what a proletariat!  Read more »

BASTA: Yet more buzz

That must be Laetitia Casta clicking up the steps in vintage Schiaparelli.

Entering Porky’s, the renowned rehearsal space on 880 Broadway where the Big Apple Singing Theater Association would be hosting much of its supernumerary practice for its upcoming production of Bison Don’t Cry, you’d think you were setting foot in a shopping mall, that’s how tension-inducing it was.  Read more »

BASTA: You must take the ‘C’ train

After an early Saturday shift bar-backing at Aura Bar, Evan had trotted over to his friend Jesús Halévy’s for a late-night slumber party à deux.

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BASTA: Bang bang, he shot me down

Evan clicked over to the his favorite music critic’s weekly column, “Slings and Arias.” 

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BASTA: O luce di quest’animus

Walls of tinted glass engirdled a heated portico-terrarium, where two figures could be seen polishing off the last of their Crêpes Suzette.

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BASTA: Witness for the persecution

“Have you seen the lawsuit yet?”

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