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BASTA: Only God can make a tree

“Hello there. Hey?”

No response.

“Hey. Sorry to trouble you. I was wondering if I could have a word with my client. He’s just been booked, I think.” Read more »

BASTA: Ballet up to the bar

“C’mon boys! Follow my booty!”

Doomed Lucia di Lammermoor was only halfway through her Mad Scene at the time of the incident.  Read more »

BASTA: Altro sangue scorrerà!

Lights softened, and the swan-shaped chandeliers ascended quickly, from parterre-level to the heavens, as though trading in the proletariat for a more exalted perch. But what a proletariat!  Read more »

BASTA: Yet more buzz

Even dauntless Evan Ingersoll felt his nerves beginning to mount.

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BASTA: You must take the ‘C’ train

After an early Saturday shift bar-backing at Aura Bar, Evan had trotted over to his friend Jesús Halévy’s for a late-night slumber party à deux.

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BASTA: Bang bang, he shot me down

Evan clicked over to the his favorite music critic’s weekly column, “Slings and Arias.” 

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BASTA: O luce di quest’animus

Walls of tinted glass engirdled a heated portico-terrarium, where two figures could be seen polishing off the last of their Crêpes Suzette.

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BASTA: Witness for the persecution

“Have you seen the lawsuit yet?”

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